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Sanya Will Use RFID Technology to Trace the Quality And Safety of Mangoes

  • Time:2022-05-12
  • Author:鸿陆技术
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On May 9, the 2022 Intellectual Property Bank-Enterprise Matchmaking Conference in Sanya City and the launch conference for the construction of the "Sanya Mango" Hainan Province Geographical Indication Product Protection Demonstration Zone were held.

It was learned from the conference that Sanya will build a geographical indication traceability management system, combined with two-dimensional codes, RFID and other carriers, as well as the Internet of Things and big data processing technologies, to conduct whole-process quality and safety monitoring of the production, warehousing, circulation and other links of "Sanya Mango".

The "Sanya Mango" RFID supply chain information platform built with RFID technology can realize real-time tracking and supervision in production, circulation, distribution, retail and other links.

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