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Several New RFID Fuel Stations Are Put into Use in Malaysia

  • Time:2022-05-13
  • Author:鸿陆技术
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Recently, Shell, the world's largest oil retailer, has launched a number of new RFID gas stations in Malaysia. Many netizens are excited because of its convenience and payment convenience.

A car owner (Thevesh) who came here to experience RFID refueling, sincerely searched for the RFID gas station experience in the neighborhood, and sent a twitter to celebrate afterwards! !

By using this function, the car owner only needs to stick a small RFID electronic tag on the inside of the fuel tank cap to experience the sensorless payment experience of refueling.

This business brings the Internet of Things into the refueling scene, and uses RFID technology to integrate the refueling industry and the financial industry across borders to form a one-stop IoT non-inductive payment solution for gas stations. Hopeland RFID Vehicle Tags are also continuously ordered by major suppliers and customers. Welcome to buy!

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