9dBi Platy UHF RFID Antenna CL7205D

rectangular panel antenna suitable for indoor asset tracking
applications. working frequency range includes
920MHz~925MHz, 902MHz~928MHz, 865MHz~868MHz,
840MHz~845MHz, and has the characteristics of thin thickness,
low standing wave, and high gain.
  • Wide operating frequency:840MHz~960MHz
  • High Gain:9dbi
  • Typical VSWR
  • Polarization: circular polarization
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 Low profile with high gain,reading distance range up to 10m.

Maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band.

Seamlessly compatible with different brand RFID readers.

Widely used in supply Chain Management, Jewelry Store Management, Document tracking etc.

  • Physical Specifications
    Weight: 1.35KG
    Dimesions: 488mm×162mm×15mm/460mm×162mm×16mm
    Material: ABS, Cold-rolled plate
    Connector type / position: SMA female on the side
    Operating Temperature: -20 - +70°C
    Storage Temperature: -40 - +80°C
  • Electrical Specifications
    Frequency Range: 865MHz~928MHz
    Typical VSWR: VSWR≤1.5(865MHz~868MHz、902MHz~928MHz)
    Gain: 9dBi
    Polarization: Circular
    H Beamwidth: 36°
    E Beamwidth: 80°
    Nominal Impedance: 50Ω
Intelligent Transportation
Highway RFID Tolling
With the in-depth development of the world economy, the transportation infrastructure has been greatly improved. However, the traffic capacity of the road network is increasingly unable to meet the needs of traffic growth, and traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, especially at high-speed toll stations. How to realize the effective command, coordinated control and management of various vehicles has become an important issue for traffic safety management department in different countries and regions.
RFID technology (radio frequency identification technology), as a revolutionary solution to security and management, can effectively solve the traffic issues. Hopeland provides a variety of RFID products, including UHF RFID readers, RFID Antennas, RFID vehicle tags, to promote the management of highway toll collections.
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Warehousing & Logistics
Smart Warehousing
Modern warehouse storage is not only to complete the simple batch processing of goods in and out, but also to make clear database records of the types, quantities, production attributes, stacking positions and other information of goods in the warehouse. In order to obtain accurate product data and supply chain information at all stages of the logistics chain.

At present, the one-dimensional barcode/two-dimensional barcode identification technology has been widely used in the management of item classification and labeling. However, its barcode technology relies on visible light scanning reflection, has low recognition rate, is easy to break, contaminates, is sensitive to media such as water and oil, and stores a limited amount of information, which affects its application in large-scale logistics management.

RFID radio frequency identification technology is a typical representative of automatic identification technology. It has high recognition accuracy, reliable performance, large amount of stored information, resistance to oil and sewage washing, etc. It is especially suitable for automatic identification requirements in industrial environments. The use of RFID tags to replace barcodes and other identification products can effectively complete the automatic management of warehousing and realize automatic collection, automatic processing and information reporting of product information.
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Smart Retail
RFID Smart Refrigerator
With the rising cost of human resources and the increasing demand for the ultimate shopping experience, consumers are more comfortable with access to food and beverages anytime and anywhere. This has led to the emergence of smart new retail methods such as unmanned convenience stores, smart refrigerators, and smart vending machines. Among them, unmanned vending machines are one of the most common ones in daily life.

At same time, retail companies need to track all goods inventory status, improve operational efficiency, save labor cost and analysis customer's purchase trend to increase revenue. RFID technology can help them achieve it effortlessly. Nowadays, RFID technology is widely used in retail. The automatic retail fridge is built with RFID UHF hardware, so that retailers can track the goods status at any time. More importantly, smart RFID refrigerators enable buyer to finish purchase process alone and automatically.
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