Bank Collateral Management Solution

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Application Overview
1. Using RFID technology, intelligent inventory cabinets and control programs, a timed inventory strategy can be formulated, and the system can automatically complete the inventory at a specified time without manual intervention; the inventory results are fed back in real time;
2. Support the remote and unannounced inspections of tier-2 branches by tier-1 branches, trigger remote monitoring at any time, and conduct physical inventory from time to time;
3. The physical inventory data is automatically synchronized with the accounting data of the accounting system to achieve automatic daily reconciliation to ensure that the accounts are consistent.
  • 1. Full-process supervision of collateral
  • It is connected with the existing business system of the bank, and the business data is synchronized in real time, so as to realize the whole life cycle tracking of collateral storage-out-warehouse-lending-return-inventory-settlement, etc., and provide a more transparent global view management.
  • 2. The whole process operation leaves traces, which can be traced back
  • All operations are strictly controlled and recorded, and electronic documents are retained. User logs, operation logs, etc. can also be queried and traced in real time, which is more secure.

1. Packet management, take pictures and scan the packets through the management system, bind the RFID tags of the packets, and enter them into the management system;

2. Pack the package into the warehouse, and put the package in the collateral management cabinet;

3. Real-time inventory of packets, using RFID technology to inventory electronic labels of packets in the collateral cabinet in real time, to realize real-time automatic inventory;

4. Package delivery, package delivery or borrowing registration;

5. Cooperate with RFID gate to realize in-out and out-of-warehouse alarm.

  • Inventory reminder
    Alarm when the inventory frequency does not meet the standard, and alarm when the inventory surplus and inventory deficit are abnorma
  • Illegal closing warning
    Door opening and closing record, position reminder, dislocation warning
  • Inbound and outbound error warning
    Handover personnel mismatch warning
  • Loan overdue non-return warning
    Overdue did not receive warning