RFID Parking System

Non-inductive payment: Seamless, Smooth and Speedy. More Efficient and Accurate non-stop Identification of Vehicle Tags for PARKING SYSTEM
Currently the vehicle management of parking yard mainly depends on manual recording, through manual transcribing the identification number at the front of the vehicle sequence number (the car in front of the bar code) registration identification.

Registered vehicles cannot be ensured in the field, although for different zoning, established the identity of cardboard. When we want to find out a specific vehicle, the process will be much time-consuming and cumbersome. Sometimes, some cars are not observed, the presence of area stopped for a long time and has not been sold. The stock situation cannot be timely to be controlled. For this situation, we need to implement automatic vehicle access registration, to achieve partition statistics, sales statistics, long stay and early-warning capabilities, making it imperative. Therefore, we need a new system to replace the existing system, which using more scientific and reasonable methods to reach vehicle monitoring.
Passive RFID technology is used to identify the RFID window electronic tags of vehicles entering the parking entrance or exit:
  • Through the construction of RFID systems, each vehicle bound with unique UHF RFID tag. When accessing to parking and parking spaces, we can effectively track, without human intervention. The system would automatically identify the vehicle within long distances, while recording and storing the state of the vehicle according to the location and time data. It helps achieve automatic tracking management, automatic monitoring, automatic statistics, greatly improving the management efficiency.
Automatic Toll Collection based on UHF RFID technology:

1. All vehicles are installed with RFID windshield tag or ABS metal tag as vehicle identification
2. UHF RFID readers are installed in each lane of each toll plaza. According to different on-site environment, some are top-mounted and some are side-mounted, so that the vehicle electronic tag can be quickly identified at the best angle.
3. The system records the records of each vehicle entering and leaving the expressway, and the background charges accordingly. Different countries and regions or operators' charging mode may be divided into prepaid or billing mode charging.
4. Hopeland reader supports the latest EPC C2G2 protocol EPC Class 2 tags are enhanced Gen 2 Class 1 tags. They contain all Class 1 functions and extended TAG ID (TID), extended user memory, authenticated access control and other functions that will be defined in the Class 2 specification. Tag: NXP®UCODE®DNA Orbit EPC Class 2 Gen 2 This advanced RAIN RFID chip can provide accurate automatic tracking, while also providing secure product certification based on AES encryption. The result is detailed inventory control, which allows businesses and consumers to confirm originality.

  • Access without stopping car, no need labor handling
    Access without stopping car, no need labor handling
  • VIP service
    VIP service, Payment collection or prepaid
  • Long reading range
    Long reading range 6-12m for car tag
  • Excellent choice for business premises
    Excellent choice for business premises
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