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RFID Technology Helps Change the Operational Process of the Fast Food Industry

  • Time:2022-04-21
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The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) in soft goods retailing has been growing. Retailers can easily view and manage their inventory in minutes with up to 98% accuracy by tracking products tagged at the item level. This technology is not unique to retail. It is now helping the industry change the current manual inventory counting system and push to maintain product accuracy and freshness. For example, RFID technology is helping to optimize operational processes in the fast food industry.

Manually counting items has been known to cause serious inventory management issues with negative knock-on effects throughout the restaurant. Instead of spending time serving customers or providing a high-quality experience for visitors, employees spend their time on largely useless inventory management. RFID technology enables fast food industry to improve back-end and front-end operations by increasing efficiency practices at all supply chain stages, from distribution centers to food supply.

On the back end, RFID enables fast food restaurant businesses to accurately track all the items within minutes. From here, regular in-store inventory enables restaurants to maintain visibility of inventory levels with up to 98 percent accuracy. At the same time, early warnings about expired products can also be issued, and restaurants can target daily or weekly inventory counts, which maximizes the utilization of all items and limits orders to only those needed, minimizing waste. By using RFID, restaurants can completely simplify their inventory management. With improved visibility into inventory levels, restaurants can minimize waste and increase profits in a sustainable manner, resulting in long-term cost savings, financial growth and more efficient operational processes.

Hopeland RFID technologies already have achievements in internet of vehicles, Retail Management, asset management, logstic warehousing, intelligent transportation, intelligent weighing, production processing,smart power grids. Kinds of successful projects and R&D experiences help us have big progress in IOT area.

The picture below is one of the pictures of Hopeland UHF RFID integrated Reader applied in the ultra-low temperature environment. This picture is a real-time shooting feedback picture for road vehicle management solution in Russia, and we have continuously received praise from our customers.

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