Material turnover solution

The turnover cabinet is mainly composed of the main control cabinet and several auxiliary cabinets such as single-phase meter storage cabinets, three-phase meter (terminal) storage cabinets, accessories storage cabinets, transformer storage cabinets and turnover box storage cabinets.

Main control cabinet: The main control cabinet is mainly composed of face recognition module, barcode recognition module, fingerprint recognition module, touch screen, industrial computer, etc. It mainly realizes the corresponding business logic functions, and conducts data interaction and docking with the marketing system or measurement production management platform. It is the central processing center of the entire turnover cabinet. The main control cabinet can optimize the space structure and has the function of equipment storage.

Auxiliary cabinet: The auxiliary cabinet can store single-phase electric meter, three-phase electric meter, metering automation terminal, low-voltage current transformer, air switch and communication module and other equipment.
  • Metering equipment collection: verify the user's identity, take out the metering equipment, and close the box door. The system automatically detects the details of the metering equipment used.
  • Metering Equipment Deposit: Verify by selecting the metering equipment to be returned
  • Metering equipment inventory: The metering equipment adopts RFID radio frequency technology, which can monitor the presence of the metering equipment in real time. The system automatically uploads the metering equipment information to the management platform to complete functions such as regular inventory, remote trigger inventory, and on-site inventory; If it is lost, it is necessary to explain the situation when the platform administrator checks the abnormal measuring equipment; the platform administrator checks each unit one by one to ensure that the measuring equipment is replenished in time.

1. The system integrates multiple functions such as equipment management, personnel management, and equipment storage.

2. The construction of the smart metering turnover cabinet project is based on the operation of the intranet or mobile private network. The main technologies include Internet of Things technology, photo capture technology, RFID radio frequency technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology, database technology, security technology and other advanced technologies .

3. The intelligent metering turnover cabinet management platform is the core system for the construction of management institutions. Through system integration, information collection, big data analysis, data graphics and other technical methods, the intelligent measurement turnover cabinets scattered in various units are integrated and managed in a unified manner. Establish an information application platform for intelligent metering turnover cabinets that is easy to operate, intuitive in display and efficient in operation, and realizes the intelligent operation of storage and inventory of metering equipment.

  • Realize rapid collection, return, and automatic inventory to ensure the accuracy and completeness of collection and return records
  • RFID electronic tag with unique code in the world
  • Distributed deployment of material warehouses to the front end to achieve 24-hour availability
  • 4、加强物资的领用、借还监管,及时补充或调控,提高利用效率
  • 5、物资的日常检查维护、监督试验、领用、报废等工作